Flat Sheets vs Fitted Sheets

Flat Sheets vs Fitted Sheets

Flat Sheets vs Fitted Sheets

The topic we are raging upon today is particularly concerned with what one should consider, flat sheets or fitted sheets. It’s quite an interesting thing to have a look at as many people still don’t have much clarity about which is the more convenient option to go for. Let’s have a brief insight on the points concerning the differences between the two and which one is better for utility.

It’s really important to note that the type of sheets, whether they are fitted or flat, play a great role in the quality of the night’s sleep. There are many people out there who understate the role of bed sheets for good sleep and always tend to undermine their importance. With the right set of knowledge, one can definitely have a wider view of this aspect and can select the bed sheet accordingly. Now let’s have a look at the comparison between the flat sheets and the fitted sheets. One can get their hands on deep fitted sheets king, deep fitted sheets queen, deep fitted sheets, full fitted sheets sold separately, as well as fitted sheets sold separately by paying a visit to egyptianhomelinens.com

What is a flat sheet?

Flat sheet can be simply understood as the sheet that does not include any kind of elastic around the edges. It is used as an extra layer between the body and the comforter. They are placed on the top of the fitted sheets. One can get their hands on flat sheets individually but they are usually sold as a component of the complete bedding set that also includes bottom sheets, pillow cases and the shams. Talking about the current trends, they are mostly preferred by the older sleepers as compared to the younger sleepers which are almost foregoing them.  Let’s talk about the peculiar benefits of flat sheets.

Flat sheets Benefits

With the usage of flat sheets some can definitely get a more breathable essence from the bed in the summer months especially if one prefers a cooling sheet material than comforter material. 

The other advantage of top sheets is they reduce the frequency of washing the comforter or duvet which considerably reduces the effort. 

What is a Fitted Sheet?

Fitted sheet can be simply attributed as the sheet with an elastic band running around the edge. The elastic corners fit snugly around the corners of the mattress. One can easily place a fitted sheet over the top of a mattress or the top of a mattress protector. 

If one has a thick mattress or generally uses a mattress topper, one can go for deep fitted sheets. The deep pockets ensure a snug fit over the entire mattress thus preventing the sheets from getting stumbled from the corner which gets quite irritable at times. 

Benefits of fitted sheets

Keep the person’s body off the body or the mattress protector

More hygienic as compare to sleeping on a bare mattress

Wrinkle less 

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