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Various Types of Bedding and How to Choose the Right One

Various Types of Bedding and How to Choose the Right One

The right type of bedding is quite important to characteristically have a good night’s sleep and also to have a comfortable and soothing experience meanwhile. Bedding can be defined as bed sheets, blankets, pillows and the various other bed belongings that are used by the people to cover and protect their mattresses. The type of bedding includes flat sheets, fitted sheets, shams, quilts, bed skirts and various other things. Let’s have a better view on the different types of bedding available and how to choose the right one for you. 

Bed skirt

A bed skirt is usually a material which tends to cover the bottom of the bed frame and slides till floor. It can immaculately hide storage space and box springs.


An artistically bedspread acts as a top layer over the entire bedding setup. It’s usually advised for the people who are keen to keep their bed protected from dust and odors. 


A blanket can be termed as a long piece of soft woven fabric which is generally used for bed covering. They are available in different fabric types that include microfiber (a mixture of polyester and nylon), polyester, satin, wool and various other synthetic materials.


A comforter is slightly a thicker, padded blanket which is usually on the top of the bedding for more warmth. There are many kinds of options of bedding; some go down for the comforters while others go for different alternatives, likely the rayon or polyester.

Fitted sheets

A fitted sheet can be categorized as a bedding type that tends to fit snugly around the mattress (Or mattress covering). They usually come in a deep pocket version for deeper width mattresses. 

Mattress cover

A mattress cover covers the mattress, ensuring the safety from dust, mites, spills, bed bugs, molds and even the regulating temperature. The people who are suffering from any kind of allergies should opt for a hypoallergenic mattress as it provides protection against allergens. Also the mattress cover helps to keep the mattress free from excess amounts of body soil and sweat. 

How to choose the right bedding?

There are certain things that should be kept in mind before selecting the right bedding and the preference of choice may vary from person to person. The few important and considerable factors that should be taken into account are quality, comfort, hypoallergenic and the breathability factor as they are prerequisite for any suitable type of bedding. Good bedding will definitely provide all the above mentioned aspects and an ultimate sense of satisfaction.  

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